Go green and save green with EMS!

Go green and save green with EMS!

Brighter futures begin with Efficiency!

Brighter futures begin with Efficiency!

Is Your Electricity Bill Too High?

Make the sensible switch to LED energy-efficient lighting in your workplace with EMS! Let our experts at EMS calculate how much your facility could be saving annually by investing in eco-friendly, cost-efficient LED alternative lighting!


Make the sensible switch to LED energy-efficient lighting in your workplace with EMS! New sustainable technology is steadily replacing traditional, dull HID fixtures that cost far more to operate.

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LED Products

Anti-Sweat Control

When the warm air from outside meets your freezer or refrigeration system, condensation forms and re-freezes.

The ice that builds up can damage your equipment and obscure items inside refrigeration displays. You can avoid this by having EMS install specialized anti-sweat control systems that heat the area around the door, preventing condensation by drying up any humidity that gets in. The heater lives up to its energy-efficient reputation, heating only when it needs to.

Contact EMS today to learn more about how to keep your refrigeration system brighter, dryer, and cost-effective!

ECM Motor

ECMs (Electronically Commutated Motor) are quiet, brushless DC motors with preset speed and torque controls.

ECMs (Electronically Commutated Motor) are quiet, brushless DC motors with preset speed and torque controls. In contrast to energy-guzzling AC and PSC motors, ECMs are programmable motors that adjust to conditions to save energy. Most standard motor fans run on high at all times and cost up to 75% more energy than ECMs. The advanced design of the ECM improves air quality, delivering an even temperature without drying out the air.

For more information on Electronically Commutated Motors, get in touch with us at EMS! We’ll gladly show you how much your facility could be saving by making the switch to an energy-efficient temperature control system.

Induction Lighting

Looking for a low-maintenance, energy-efficient lighting solution for your commercial workplace?

Energy Management Services’ induction lighting system operates at a much lower cost than classic HID fixtures with a life rating of over 100,000 hours; that’s over twenty years when your lights are run for twelve hours a day!

The key difference between induction and fluorescent lighting is the presence of electrodes. Electrodes are the primary reason fluorescent lights give out so quickly, but induction lighting uses electromagnetic fields to draw power from outside the lamp in. Learn more about the benefits of induction lighting by contacting EMS!

LED Lighting

Imagine saving 50-70% on energy costs each month by converting your light fixtures to the brighter, energy-efficient LED system!
With a life rating of over 50,000 hours, LED lights are a low-maintenance alternative that will take a lesser toll on your utility charges and on the environment. Traditional Metal Halide (400W MH) bulbs expend about 460 input watts of total power, while LED systems use only about 75-125 input watts. The low efficiency of MH bulbs can be attributed to their directional characteristics which result in a large amount of wasted energy from the top and sides of the lens. LED lights eliminate this wasted energy, cutting your energy bill significantly.

More details on LED lights and potential savings are available when you contact EMS.

Industrial Products

Presenting e-Clean (MSDS)


Insulating Detergent for Electric/Electronic Equiqments

e-Clean is an Insulation Detergent which has the ability to clean possible harmful factors such as dust, grease, resin & other foreign materials inside the panels and control boxes of  all electrical equipment and electronics and can be used during the actual operation of the electrical equipment. – Connections, relay, MCC panels, various carbon brush  and switches.


  • All electrical / electronic (communication) equipment panels
  • Voltmeter, MCC Panel, Switch, Capacitor & PCB boards, etc.
  • Air-Conditioner Motor / equipment, Bending M/C, Parking meter, etc.
  • Precision parts, Flow-meter, Gears, Traffic-lights, Fire alarm, etc.
  • Power distributor in humid condition, Generators in ships & buildings, etc.
  • Clean polluted refrigerant by sludge – No chemical reaction with Freon
  • Restricted Applications: LCD, PDP, Thin-film silicone


Contact EMS today to learn more about how this new solution can help your business!

Electronics dropped in the cleaning agent still work without any issues.


Rebate Program

Commercial facilities can save even more money by participating in utility rebate programs offered by major energy companies such as Puget Sound Energy (PSE), Seattle City Light (SCL), and Snohomish PUD. Contact EMS to learn more about rebate opportunities.

Seattle City Light

Small Business: (206) 684-4293
Commercial: (206) 684-3360

PUD Snohomish

$15,000 Rebate or Less: (206) 684-3360
Over $15,000 Rebate: (206) 684-4293


Schedule 24: (206) 684-3360
Schedule 25: (206) 684-4293

Tacoma Power

$7,500 Rebate or Less: (253) 502-8619
Over $7,500 Rebate: (253) 502-8619



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